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I work with the Iwa Hoodoo Spirits
when performing all rituals



Legha origin of life and source of regeneration
La Sirène known for her power to bring luck and money
Agwesovereign of the seas
Kalfuorigin of darkness and can be a dangerous lwa
Papa  ghedelwa of death and resurrection – lord of eroticism
Dumballaha good snake – source of peace and tranquility
Ogounthe warrior – violent
Erzuliespirit of goodness, of love and beauty.  when she takes over a body, it is one of cleansing – she can read future in dreams

Nothing is too big or too small.

Authentic Voodoo is performed in a
Candlelight Ceremony and used to:
  • Reunite Loved Ones
  • Relationship Rescue
  • Find New Love
  • Break Bad Luck
  • Hex Removal
  • Spells of Protection
  • Money Spells
  • Good Luck Spells
The Money Came Through Just in Time I was about to be evicted, the Angel Priestess gave me the peace of mind I needed and the money showed up just in time to pay the back rent and current rent. ... Sylvia, California

Disclaimer: all services are performed with the highest integrity, but due to other divine forces I can not guarantee 100% success each time.